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Golden Triangle of India Thorough Photos

Golden Triangle of India Thorough Photos

Indraprastha...Dilli....Shahjahanabad...New Delhi (A Portrayl)

The capital city of Delhi has a long history, and has been an important political centre of India.

Kumaon Book

Kumaon offers some of the most stunning mountain scenery from the perennially snow capped peaks of Great Himalayan range.

Discover Another World

This travel book is a sequel of our earlier book RKG Treasures of the World-Through my Eyes.

Delhi Book

This is a touristic and historical book on Delhi. It features history of Delhi since the times of PANDAVAS to current New Delhi.

Welcome to RKG Publishers

RKG publishers is promoted by Sh. Ravindra Kumar Gupta, Chairman of RKG Group and ex-chairman of S. Chand & Company Limited, largest text book publishers in Asia for printing and publishing imaginative and selective books on Travel & Cue Sports.

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About R.K.Gupta

Author Of

Treasures of the World & Cue Sports Compendium


Treasures of the World-Through my Eyes shows to the readers the hidden and unhidden, mysterious as well as famous “Treasures of the World” conceived and captured by Mr. Ravindra Kumar Gupta.

In this book Mr. Ravindra Gupta presents personal collection of the most outstanding visuals, which will enthrall everyone. It covers the grand historic monuments, picturesque hills, serene nature, shimmering lakes, gorgeous sunsets, elegant heritage architecture, superlative Iceland, mysterious oceans, along with other interesting places. The journey starts from Agra goes through Darjeeling, Gangtok, Nainital, Bhimtal, London, Lake District, Yorkshire, Inverness, Edinburgh, Dublin, Venice, Istanbul, Prague, Reykjavik, Nice, Monte Carlo, Roveniemi, Helsinki, Stockholm, Bergen, Oslo and Dubrovnik.

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