RKG Publishers

RKG publishers is promoted by Sh. Ravindra Kumar Gupta, Chairman of RKG Group and ex-chairman of S. Chand & Company Limited, largest text book publishers in Asia for printing and publishing imaginative and selective books on Travel & Cue Sports.

During his tenure as chairman and Managing Director of S. Chand & Company Limited he had given the impetus to the publishing Industry as whole by bringing out multicolored Editions of most Textbooks which were a runway success. In recognition of the untiring efforts the publishing house become the first recipient of UGC Best publisher award and also the modern publisher house in the history of the country to be embolden with ISO 9001 : 2000 certification.

Apart from publishing, Mr. Gupta is running a three star Guest House in New Delhi and has various real estate investments in India and United Kingdom.

He is a great philanthropist and an altruistic in perusing the game of Snooker and Billiards to dizzy heights and aspiring to span these games globally. He brought out India’s first exclusive magazine titled “Cue Sports” on Billiards, Snooker and Pool, with distinction and aplomb. He organized host of International tournaments by spending millions of rupees to popularize these games. His cherished desire is to see an Indian don the colours in the world Snooker championship at crucible theatre. He has got a great passion and zeal to unearth talent among budding sports persons. He is perhaps only few individuals who spends millions of Rupees and organizes tournaments of gigantic nature without a trace of publicity for himself or his companies and without any other sponsor.

Cue Sports-Compendium is the brainchild of Mr. Ravindra Kumar Gupta. This book features rare collection of articles on past and present champions of Billiards, Snooker, and Pool from India & Abroad. Little known games of Cue Sports like Carom Billiards, Cricket, Slosh, Shuffle Pool & Skittles etc is narrated in one segment of the book. In the last part of the compendium very invaluable and distinctive photo gallery of famous World personalities is exhibited.

Mr. Ravindra Kumar Gupta is avid traveler and the passion of photography in him started at the early age of his life when he was studying in Birla School, Nainital where mystical beauty of nature is in abundance. On one holiday he saw a swan looking lovingly at her mate with a tender love coming out of her eyes in Naini Lake. He wants to capture that blissful moment but there was no camera with him to capture the image. And that became the start of his journey in the field of imaginative capturing of images of the World through his eyes.

Treasures of the World-Through my Eyes shows to the readers the hidden and unhidden, mysterious as well as famous “Treasures of the World” conceived and captured by Mr. Ravindra Kumar Gupta.

In this book Mr. Ravindra Gupta presents personal collection of the most outstanding visuals, which will enthrall everyone. It covers the grand historic monuments, picturesque hills, serene nature, shimmering lakes, gorgeous sunsets, elegant heritage architecture, superlative Iceland, mysterious oceans, along with other interesting places. The journey starts from Agra goes through Darjeeling, Gangtok, Nainital, Bhimtal, London, Lake District, Yorkshire, Inverness, Edinburgh, Dublin, Venice, Istanbul, Prague, Reykjavik, Nice, Monte Carlo, Roveniemi, Helsinki, Stockholm, Bergen, Oslo and Dubrovnik.

The journey of printing & publishing book is just started in RKG Publishers and we assure our readers that there are many more miles to cover in this expedition.